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The need for quality-driven development has never been more critical. The world has evolved into a virtualised and digitalised environment and it will even increase further.

We safeguard the quality of the solutions delivered by development teams. We maintain the quality standards at every level of the software development process within limited time frames. Or we teach and coach your team how to do it yourself. 

Safeguard your future as Engineer

4 area's of Software QA

We divide our courses into Core, Agile, Specialist and Tooling.

2 levels of Expertise

We have courses in Foundation and Advanced Level. 

Modular Learning Approach

Building blocks of information provide a road map for the course.

Blended Learning Approach

E-learning , (virtual) classroom sessions, and 1-on-1 coaching.

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Acces to free material, enrol easily to scheduled classroom sessions, exclusive offers and sneak peeks!

Our solutions

QA Intelligence

Improve your Software QA approach.

QA Performance

Implement day-to-day Software QA.

QA Training & Coaching

Stay on top of your game.

The ttl.be Guild of
Software QA Engineers

Quality runs through the veins of the entire ttl.be organization. We safeguard quality standards within the organisation. We are front-line warriors for Quality. Curious of nature, we crave to investigate the unfamiliar and challenge the norms—creative thinkers who go beyond to come up with innovative solutions designed to fit the needs. Sometimes we might come across as compulsively obsessed and uncompromising, that is because we really care! We’re Craftswoman and -men who keep our cool and stay focused on getting the job done all within our field of expertise.

Let's make better software together.