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More than making IT better

Our goal is to make ‘IT’ better. We not only care about making IT better, we also genuinely care about making people’s lives better. We believe that ‘making a life’ is more important than ‘making a living’.


We are all committed, creative thinkers. Curious to explore the unfamiliar and challenge the status quo. We work in close collaboration with customers and employees, consistently delivering the highest quality throughout to make ‘IT’ better!

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IT wasn't build in a day

In the spring of 2003, two friends had a vision. Making better software! Next to their job as QA Manager, they started what’s known today as


Staying on top of things by training is what ignited the in 2009, with an ISTQB® accreditation and a training center as the cherry on top.


After more than a decade of nurturing the company, the two friends decided it was time to focus more on their families. The Test Leaders became and two young, passionate entrepreneurs emerged at the top. 

Making IT better

We took a step back, looked at as a whole and saw new ambitions rise to the surface. We wanted to find out what our customers and employees valued most, back to the drawing board!


Our main ambition was to grow from solely experts in Software Testing to experts in Quality Assurance for Software. Today we research the opportunities to become the experts in QA for Information Technology. 


The Agile Jumpstart Training Program for Software QA Developers was brought into the world in 2019. We noticed the growing need for QA developers who have the know-how of QA and test automation. We developed a 16-weeks training program to shape the next-gen testers who possess solid people skills and communication tools. 


We believe that people need a sense of belonging, meaning and find a community of like-minded people. We want to make them feel understood, valued and invested in. 

That’s why we do things, the way we do them. 


We ensure that the right person is matched with the proper organization according to their personality, skills, ambitions and passions. Delivering top-notch consultancy for Information Technology. We make sure that you are set up with a personal and innovative approach focused on quality. 

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Build great applications!

Make a life not a living! Business party

Make a life not a living!

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