About Us

We don't need big words. We walk our talk!

Strive for Quality

Together we strive for quality and 
build software for tomorrow. 

We believe that software can and should be better. We share our passion for quality and continuous improvement. 
By implementing best testing and QA practices and train the next generation QA Engineers, we help our customers reach an acceptable risk level within time and budget. 


Everyone at ttl.be has quality running through their veins.

Curious by nature, we investigate the unfamiliar and challenge norms—creative thinkers who go beyond to come up with solutions designed to fit the needs.
We might come across as a bit compulsively obsessed and sometimes even a bit uncompromising, that is because we really care!

We believe in


We believe that if we want to strive for a higher level of quality to be able to build the software of tomorrow we will evolve to Self Testing Software. With research and training, we stay on top of our game within Test Automation and Artificial Intelligence for Testing.  We want to master all area’s of Software Quality better than ever before. So, the question today, before we can move a level up in this evolution is; ‘Can a machine create test cases from previously collected data?’


No Automation

Level 0: No use of any test automation. 



Level 1: Very small amount of test automation – use of Selenium can be compared to driving a train. Most organisations should be at this level!


Assisted Automation

Level 2: Most tools available support this level of test automation –  self-healing scripts, production data generate regression tests,…


Conditional autonomous Automation

Level 3: Within well identified conditions and circumstances tests can be generated automatically. For example with a structured model via model-based testing. 


Highly autonomous Automation

Level 4: A machine that creates test cases autonomous still within some identified conditions.
We’re not at this level yet. 


Full autonomous Automation

Level 5: A machine that creates test cases autonomously without any restrictions. It’s like a self-driving car in all conditions, on all roads at all times.  

Let's make better software together!

To reach goals as an organisation in the virtualised, digitalised and fast-paced world the need for quality-driven development has never been more critical. We investigate the unfamiliar, challenge norms and come up with innovative Software Quality Assurance solutions. Continuous and shared responsibility to ensure quality standards requires expert knowledge and skills. 

We offer the best solution possible, therefore we need to understand “What is Quality for you”? We need to know your needs and expectations to guide our approach. We are up-to-date with the latest innovations and know-how of testing and quality assurance. We’ve built expertise for more than 15 years in software testing, backed with a team of craftspeople each with their own specialty. 

We collaborate with a very personal approach based on a few basic principles; openness, transparency, respect and trust. Next to providing training in knowhow on testing and QA, we also invest in the personal and professional well-being of our Guild. 

We don’t need big words. We walk our talk! 
We are an Independent Belgian owned Software Quality Assurance partner since 2003. We become part of your organisation to understand, design, implement, develop and guarantee the quality of your software. We support you in the strategy, process, method, frameworks and, tools; always starting from your expectations with respect for your time and budget.