Agile Jumpstart Training program

Software, mobile apps, IoT, A.i, technology is all around us! The quality of these applications has been a priority for years. With the introduction of Agile development methodologies, the only way to guarantee Software Quality is to automate as much as possible.

Are you ready to jumpstart your career in IT?
Become a Next-Gen Tester with the Agile Jumpstart Training Program for Software QA Developers.

Whether you recently got your degree in ICT or just made a career switch and finished a development course, that doesn’t matter. We’re looking for tech-savvy engineers who can’t wait to learn how to make better software.

The all-in-one program

Do you see Software QA as a challenge, rather than a hassle? Grab your ticket.

Of course, not just anyone can participate in this program. The demand for engineers with broad technical knowledge and solid people- and communication skills is growing. We only start with carefully selected candidates, whom we believe will go the extra mile. 

Grab your ticket

The first step in qualifying for the Agile Jumpstart Training program is to get to know one another. A video chat of about 15 minutes is scheduled with our Office Manager Babette and one of the previous Jumpstarters. 

Once you have convinced both of us to move forward, a personal in-depth talk with Nathalie is planned. There you get to talk about your expectations and ambitions. Nathalie will also make sure you possess all the people skills you need. She will focus on your human skills and communication skills to make sure you’re an excellent fit for the Guild. 

You’re invited to the Meet & Connect day with Peter, our CTO and Geoffrey, our Technical coach. They will offer you the opportunity to show your development skills, analytical thinking, time management and planning skills.

YIPPIE! You’ve just passed the selection process!

To ensure you’ve got what it takes to start the program, there’s one prerequisite before you can really begin. After the
3-day training ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level, you need to pass the certification exam.

CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve got your ticket to jumpstart your career!

We start the Agile Jumpstart Training Program with intensive training for five weeks in which you get acquainted with all technical aspects of the job. We make sure that the people- and communication skills required aren’t left out either. You immerse yourself in theory and convert it into a project assignment that is as realistic as possible. 

The theory is the theory, but applying it is even more critical. After those five weeks, the focus shifts to the application of the theory. During those eleven weeks you will be working on a project for one of our customers. In this on-the-job learning guides you to ensure that the your project onboarding runs as smoothly as possible. For example, we provide extra training on one hand and extra coaching on the other. After those, nothing will stand in your way.

Your 16 weeks of training is topped off with graduation as a Young Potential Software QA developer and a contract of indefinite nature with some nice perks.

Grab your Ticket




Ready for the real thing

After the Agile Jumpstart Training Program, you’re ready for the real thing as a Young Potential Software QA developer.

You’re a front-line warrior in Software QA. You safeguard the quality of the solutions delivered by a development team. As if you were a real warrior, you fight to ensure top-notch applications.

Warriors wink at a challenge, while cowards run from them.

You support your team by ensuring that the delivered software solution not only meets the specific requirements but is also bug-free, performant and regression resistant.

  • You are part of an Agile development team of one of our customers in Healthcare, Automotive, Telecom, Digital Services, Banking,…
  • You help the team to maintain a quality-oriented mindset and to guarantee the quality of the product.
  • You build automated tests with well-known tools such as Cucumber, Selenium, Jenkins and many more.
  • You help developers create and maintain integration and unit tests.
  • You will be performing functional tests.

You can always count on the support of your buddy and the knowledge of your full Guild.

The benefits

What are the benefits of working as a Jumpstarter? Well… There’s a few!

We are the only one with such long and intensive training. Google it; we’re not kidding! 

And why do we do that? We stand for quality and not quantity!

Finally, as a Young Potential, you’re carefully monitored and guided throughout your first year as a consultant. After this, you are entirely ready to spread your wings! 

The fine print

Fortunately, there are no hidden strings attached, just a few agreements that you as a Jumpstarter should be able to find.

During the first 16 weeks, you will be employed by us through a BIS. After that, you get a contract of indefinite duration.

In addition to all the standard ‘benefits’ such as a competitive salary, customized mobility solution, meal vouchers, etc…
You are part of an inspiring community with out-of-the-box-thinkers, who are always ready to help each other.

Next to having technical training, we also invest in personal- and professional well-being, personal growth, efficient collaboration and knowledge sharing in the Guild. All share the same purpose: Making IT better together.

Become a Young Potential Software QA Developer now!

We believe that people need a sense of belonging, meaning and find a community of like-minded people. We want to make them feel understood, valued and invested in. 

That’s why we do things, the way we do them; personal, innovative and focused on quality. 

So, do you have the itch to make better Software? `

  • Passionate about IT and Software development.
  • Motivated and perseverant to achieve your goals. 
  • Curious and dare to think-out-of-the-box.
  • Bitten by quality and programming.
  • Mature, professional and eager to learn.

Do these statements have your name written all over them? Then apply now for the next Agile Jumpstart Training Program!


One more question: Why wouldn't you?