We are a dynamic organisation dedicated to revolutionising the world of Information Technology (IT) through Quality Assurance and Testing. Our mission is to improve the quality of- IT for individuals, businesses, and organisations. Our commitment extends beyond enhancing IT systems; it’s about improving lives through cutting-edge solutions.

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At ttl.be, we believe in creating a workplace where excellence knows no bounds. Our mission is to make IT better not only for our clients but also for our team members. Join us, and together, we’ll build a future where innovation and quality go hand in hand.

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At ttl.be we believe in Quality. Quality of workplaces, quality of roles, quality of communications, quality of collaboration. We expect quality from you, so evidently you can expect quality from us as!


At ttl.be we invest in individual growth as the cornerstone of reaching our business goals. Guiding in becoming the author and director of your career and life. Building projects around motivated individuals, giving you the environment and support you need to get the job done. 

Embrace Challenges

At ttl.be we see challenges as opportunities for you as an individual and for us as a team to grow. Focussing on individuals setting up collaborative interactions in response to change.

Where Excellence meets humanity

This isn’t just a list of buzzwords; it’s the DNA of ttl.be. We’re more than just a workplace; we’re a community bound by quality, and not just as an abstract concept – it’s a way of life. Work is a big part of our lives, but it should consume it entirely. We advocate a healthy balance between work, growth and personal life. 

Informal Excellence

We strive for as few formalities as possible. We thrive on open communication, trust and relaxed interactions. So, there are no yearly evaluation processes at ttl.be; we have monthly 1-on-1 catch-ups where you can share your thoughts.


Behind every project milestone are individuals with aspirations and lives outside of the office. We prioritise the well-being and satisfaction of our QA Guild (our team) because we understand that this approach to work leads to more happiness. 

Collaborative Spirit

Collaboration isn’t just encouraged, it’s part of who we are. We bring talent and knowledge together with our knowledge-sharing platform, inspiration sessions and groups working around specific technical challenges. 

Sustainable at heart

We’re passionate about building a sustainable future of work, both in our projects and in our day-to-day operations and collaborations. Our commitment is that we actively seek ways to improve the lives of our customers and staff.

Our ttl.be QA Guild

As a member of the QA Guild, your job is to pursue and protect something valuable: users’ trust, loyalty and satisfaction. So you will have to be alert, flexible and courageous to potential risks that directly impact our customers’ business. You will detect potential bugs and vulnerabilities and address them with your team. You will directly ensure that the software is qualitative, reliable and effective.

Guardians of Quality

You push applications to the point where you push them to the limit. You think about how to find new potential glitches. You explore unknown areas of software applications to expose possible bugs and vulnerabilities,

Explorers of Quality

You analyse and decide which tools, frameworks, etc., are the best fit to put quality products into production faster and more efficiently. You then design, develop and implement the Test Automation Architecture, which Quality and test Engineers can work with.

Captains of Quality

You plan, organise and coordinate more complex and/or larger projects regarding lead time and scope within QA. You inspire and align all parties around vision, policies, best practices, test plans and roles. You adapt and make improvements where possible.

Guides of Quality

You establish the ‘as-is’ situation and come up with an improvement plan towards the ideal ‘to-be’ situation. From there, you analyse and define the vision, test policy, test organisation, roles and test plans. You determine which are the ‘low-hanging fruits’ and priorities to take the entire SDLC to a higher maturity level.

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In essence, ttl.be isn’t just a workplace, it is a place to thrive, to make impact and to be part of a culture that values your individuality while fostering a collective spirit to reach the goals of ttl.be with excellence.