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ISTQB® Certified Tester – Test Automation Engineer | 10, 11 & 14 October 2024 | Aartselaar

October 10 @ 9:00 am October 14 @ 5:00 pm

Elevate your career in software testing with our cutting-edge three-day course, the Certified Tester – Test Automation Engineer (CT-TAE), the latest iteration of the esteemed ISTQB® certification explicitly designed for automation enthusiasts. This meticulously structured program is your golden ticket to mastering the art of test automation, covering the A to Z of designing, developing, and maintaining sophisticated test automation solutions.

Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of test automation, where functionality meets efficiency. This course enriches your understanding of the key concepts, methods, tools, and processes essential for automating dynamic functional tests. But it doesn’t stop there; you’ll delve deep into how these automated tests integrate with test management, configuration management, defect management, and the overarching software development processes and quality assurance frameworks. The methodologies you’ll encounter are universally applicable, making your newfound skills transferable across various software lifecycle approaches, system types, and testing methodologies.

The CT-TAE certification isn’t just another credential; it’s a testament to your expertise in the fast-evolving test automation domain, recognized worldwide. Designed for professionals who have already proven their mettle in the basics of software testing, this course aims to expand your horizons, offering a deep dive into the intricacies of test automation. Whether you’re looking to refine your testing strategies, streamline your development processes, or stay ahead of the curve in a competitive industry, this training is your stepping stone to becoming a test automation maestro.

Beyond preparing you for the ISTQB® CT-TAE certification exam, this three-day journey promises to be an enlightening experience, arming you with the knowledge and skills to elevate your testing projects to new heights of efficiency and effectiveness. Join us to unlock the full potential of test automation and step confidently into the future of software testing.


Here’s what lies at the core of our program:

Strategize Integration: Seamlessly integrate automated testing into your testing process, crafting a blueprint that marries efficiency with effectiveness. You’ll learn to navigate the complexities of incorporating automation, ensuring a smooth transition that enhances your testing protocol.

Tool and Technology Evaluation: Become adept at assessing the myriad of tools and technologies available for test automation, identifying the perfect match for each project and organisational need. Your newfound expertise will guide your team in selecting the most impactful resources that are tailor-made for your specific challenges.

Architectural Mastery: Forge a robust test automation architecture (TAA) from the ground up or refine existing frameworks to align with business objectives. Your strategic approach will lay the foundation for a scalable, flexible automation strategy that delivers results.

Solution Crafting: Dive deep into the design and development of innovative test automation solutions. Whether you’re starting anew or enhancing current systems, your creations will drive business value, streamline processes, and elevate the quality of outcomes.

Manual to Automated Transition: Lead the charge in transitioning testing practices from manual to automated, paving the way for greater efficiency, accuracy, and coverage. You’ll champion the change, ensuring your team is equipped, confident, and ready to embrace the future of testing.

Reporting and Metrics Revolution: Revolutionize how your team reports and collects metrics through automation. By automating these essential tasks, you’ll unlock insights faster, make data-driven decisions, and demonstrate the tangible benefits of your testing efforts.

Asset Optimization: Take command of your testing assets, optimising for maintainability and adaptability to meet the demands of evolving systems. Your strategic management will ensure longevity, reducing the time and resources spent on upkeep.

Targeted audience

This specialised training is your bridge to mastering the complexities and unlocking the full potential of test automation. Here’s how this training aligns with the aspirations and needs of its targeted audience:

Experienced Software Testers: This training is a game-changer for those who have honed their skills in the trenches of manual testing and are looking to transition into or enhance their capabilities in test automation. Propel your career by mastering the art of automating tests, gaining efficiency, and increasing test coverage.

Quality Assurance Professionals: QA experts seeking to leverage automation to streamline testing processes will find this training invaluable. It’s your opportunity to become a key player in your organisation’s testing strategy, driving quality improvements and faster delivery cycles with automated solutions.

Test Leads/Managers: If you oversee testing teams and strive to integrate more efficient, automated testing practices, this training equips you with the strategic vision and technical skills to lead the change. Enhance your team’s productivity and project outcomes by adopting and advocating for advanced automation techniques.

Automation Enthusiasts: For those passionate about the potential of automation in software testing and eager to dive deep into its technicalities, this course lays down a comprehensive foundation. Expand your knowledge and skills in test automation, positioning yourself as a specialist in this rapidly growing area.

Software Developers in Test (SDETs): Developers specialising in test automation who aim to refine their craft and explore new methodologies and tools will find this training perfectly aligned with their goals. It’s a chance to solidify your role at the intersection of development and testing, ensuring high-quality, robust software through efficient automated tests.


Candidates must hold the ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level certificate to gain this certification. Which you can also gain via ttl.be.

Course Outline

The course is structured according to the ISTQB® Certified Tester – Test Automation Engineer syllabus. This way, you can relate the course topics to the syllabus. You can download the ISTQB® Certified Tester – Test Automation Engineer syllabus here. Do you want to take a closer look at the course outline? You can check it out here.

Course Delivery

The course duration is three days and is organised only in a live classroom or live virtual classroom.

Our accredited trainer will share experience in software testing through various real-life examples and different mock exams will ensure you’re optimally prepared to pass your certification exam. 

The course material is in English. The course is in English.

All training materials are provided at the start of the training.

The Exam

The exam can be taken via a Flex (remote) or in an exam centre of choice (Pearson View). 
– 40 multiple-choice questions. 
– Total points 75
– Passing score 49
– 90 minutes (+25%, if the candidate’s native language is not the exam language). 

More information about the exam can be found in our FAQ.


€1.765/person for thee days. All prices include the exam fee, which is subject to change. When publishing, the exam fee is €265 per person. All prices are VAT excluded; course material, lunch and beverages are included. 

Course Logistics 
All courses begin promptly at 9 am and are scheduled until 5 pm. 

This course is organised at in a Live Classroom in the Officenter in Aartselaar. When required, you can organise an in-company format training course. Please reach out to us for more information.

Officenter Aartselaar: Antwerpsesteenweg 124, 2630 Aartselaar

Terms and Conditions
Find our Terms and Conditions the the training here.

€1765 for 3 days, including the exam voucher, VAT excluded