We don’t just care about making IT better, we also genuinely care about making people’s lives better. We believe that ‘making a life’ is more important than ‘making a living’.


We believe that people need a sense of belonging, meaning and find a community of like-minded people. Feeling understood, valued and invested is what makes them thrive, and that’s why we do things, the way we do them: personal, innovative and focused on quality.


Ensuring that the right person is matched with the proper organization according to their personality, skills, ambitions and passions. Working with each other instead of for an employer.




We strive to hire the best for attitude and train for skills.

In addition to technical training, we invest in personal and professional wellbeing, personal growth, efficient collaboration, and knowledge sharing in the Guild. All share the same purpose: Making ‘IT’ better, and having fun while doing that!

Our values show us who fits in our out-of-the-box Guild of engaged craftswomen and -men, working together in an open community, striving for quality. We want to be a real community for all of our employees. When they set foot in the office they should feel a little bit like they’re coming home. In the case that these values sound like you and describe people you want to work with, it’s more likely you will thrive at

  • You walk your talk. You deliver on your promises. 
  • You take action, don’t wait for others; you go after clarification.  
  • You can get information and clarification, do your job and make decisions by yourself.  
  •   You raise your bar a little higher every day..
  •   You take responsibility and accountability for the outcome. 
  •  You dare to speak up to your peers, even to your bosses. 
  •  You are assertive to block things or to point out difficulties..
  •   You ask for clarification when you don’t understand things. 
  •   You dare to say no. It’s OK to say no! You communicate why it is not realistic or what bothers you.
  •   You dare to step out of your comfort zone to grow. You get back up when you fall!  
  • You consistently demonstrate strong performance so people can rely on you. 
  •   You inform people what you have done, are doing and will be doing in a structured way. 
  •   You listen to your team members to broaden your knowledge. 
  •   You use your team to pitch ideas and brainstorm. 
  •   You look at everyone as equals, regardless of job title, function,…  
  • You communicate to the point. Both written and spoken communication. 
  •   You adapt your communication towards your audience. Business vs. Technical.
  •   You give constructive feedback in the right way at the right time. 
  •   You keep composure even when the stress level is high. 
  •   You listen first, you understand secondly, and then you speak.  
  •  You always do the right thing, even when no one is watching.  
  •   You admit mistakes, take responsibility and talk openly about them.  
  •   You respect everyone regardless of who they are, even when you disagree with them.  
  •   You know your strengths and weaknesses and don’t ‘pretend’ otherwise.  
  •   You handle confidential information with care .
  •  You nurture and embrace different perspectives to make better decisions. 
  •   You recognize we all have biases, and you work to grow past them.  
  •   You always share relevant information, even when the message is not a simple one. 
  •   You are present at team ceremonies and events.
  •   You support your team proactively and take responsibility for mistakes made by the team. 
  •   You set priorities for yourself and the team. Your preferences align with the team’s goal. 
  •   You pro-actively think about possible consequences of a decision and possible next steps. 
  •   You think further than only the requirements. 
  •   You do your planning according to the expectations of your team. 
  •   You prepare yourself when you have something to communicate to make your point in a structured manner.  
  •  You always stay informed on the latest trends and developments in the world of Software QA. 
  •   You are eager to learn, learn quickly and know when you need to step up your game.  
  •   You get out of your comfort zone to grow.  
  •   You see things that others don’t or don’t want to see. 
  •   You assimilate information quickly and process and apply it efficiently and effectively.  

Our vision of a great team is not a cool ping-pong table or having beers together every Friday evening. Our vision of a great team is bringing together like-minded people in a network of teams, sharing a common goal.  

By setting up self-organized task forces with experts as coach, we create freedom and enable investment in growth according to the ambitions of everyone. This way, we keep the back-office small and personal.  

We believe that giving people freedom and trust, together with the proper backing on all levels, will make them do incredible things! 

You get high levels of responsibility, not only at your customer, but also in the self-organized teams that support the growth of Diving into research about a new test automation tool and sharing your findings with the Guild or developing further training for, the sky is the limit!

Through our own, you’re always up to date with the latest tools and methodologies, and you get the opportunity to achieve your ISTQB® certificates. Once you know the ropes, we encourage you to share your knowledge and know-how with junior peers.

Next to providing guidance on a professional level, we invest in continuous growth on a personal level as well. We commit to this through personal coaching and wellbeing tracks. We want to be an environment where you decide about your own career and life.   

Quote of Peter

We can sit here and talk for hours about our way of doing things. But the proof is in the eating of the pudding. Are you looking for an open environment without stigmas, where they believe in working with someone instead of working for someone? Ping us for a chat. Let’s grab a coffee, Fanta, or tea. 

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Jumpstart your career in IT!

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