Is A.I. making Software QA and Test Engineers extinct?

One of the biggest concerns might be; if machines with artificial intelligence will take over your job and make you unemployed.

Let’s go beyond the hype. 

Just like there are different stages in autonomous car driving; from assisted driving up to fully autonomous driving in all conditions. We can compare the current state of autonomous testing best as; A.I.-assisted testing. Going back to the car analogy, it’s at the same level as adaptive cruise control and lane assistance.

What about A.I. supported test tools?

Yes, these A.I. test tools will impact your job, they will make your life easier.

  • They can detect intended changes in the programming;
  • and adapt the automated test cases autonomously.
  • Or they can assist in regression test case selection based on information gathered from user usage in production or previous regression runs.

The ultimate decision making will always be human!

The final decisions on 

  • which tests to run
  • which change in program behavior is an error 

will ultamitaly stay human. These are beneficial tools and you will stay in the actual driving seat, so to speak.

We have not reached a level in which A.I. can autonomously create test cases and certainly not in all situations. 

What are the prerequisites for using A.I. in Software Testing?

One of the prerequisites is that enough data should be available of the test creation process, the inputs (eg as a model) and the outputs (the test cases). Especially the inputs which are not always available in a structured format and require a mix of deep understanding, assumption and looking for missing information are very hard to mimic at this time.

Let’s do what A.I. does and look into the available historical data.

As from the ’90 we have heard similar claims on ‘test automation’ which would take over the manual’s tester job making testers obsolete. Over the last decennia, the tester’s role has not disappeared.

This didn’t happen! Mainly because test automation has limitations, first in what it can do and secondly in what makes sense economically. However, it did reshape the tester’s job, which has evolved into a Q.A. test developer, actually taking control over automatization and using the test automation tools to its full advantage.

What is yet to come?

We can safely argue, even assume, that A.I. will significantly progress. A.I. in Software Quality Assurance and testing will have limitations.

You can bet that A.I. will impact the evolution of the testers job.

Prepare for the future of Software Quality Assurance

So, don’t start looking for a new job just yet… yes A.I. will take over part of your job and change your role as Software QA Engineer.

A future tester will have to understand

  • how to train mathematical models optimally to get the testing job done;
  • how to assure the training data for a model is valid;
  • how to assist in supervised learning.

The tester species will evolve and not extinct. 

Tom Van Ongeval

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