We build quality. We make software better!

We’re a team of Software Quality assurance consultants. What does that mean? Well, we’re safeguards,  kind of like a gate keeper to ensure the quality of software is up to standards and requirements.  We’re the one’s that make it better! 

No, you don't need a degree in IT!

Off course it will help you and you do need some background with IT.  You won’t be building software, you develop code to make software better. 

As Software QA Engineer you guarantee the quality of web services, 

Als Test Engineer bij CTG kom je in aanraking met verschillende domeinen binnen ICT en speel je een sleutelrol binnen het development proces.  Tijdens de projecten bij onze klanten sta je in voor de diverse software tests, waaronder het testen van web services, mobile apps, ERP pakketten, het automatiseren van performantie- en regressietesten.

Afhankelijk van je ambities en competenties krijg je de kans om verder door te groeien.

What you do need, is this!

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Jumpstart Training Program
for Software QA Engineers

At ttl.be we are proud of our team of premium consultants in Software Quality Assurance. But we’re also permanently in search for new talent. Motivated people that ensure and enable the optimal flow of our clients Software QA process. With our Jumpstart Software QA Training Program, we guarantee a steady flow of new high-potential talent.


When you get into the business of QA consultancy, mindset is very important. During our initial Meet & Connect days, we, therefore, check for the right attitude and behaviour. Why? Because attitude and behaviour is everything. Period. You can be the best Software QA engineer in the world; if you have the wrong mindset, you won’t be in the A-leagues. At ttl.be, we only hire people of which we are sure that they will get to that A-league of Software QA consultants. In other words: we’re only aiming for the true Software QA go-getters, skilled specialists that get things done.

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