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Everyone uses software applications daily. Some of them you love and some of them, let’s be honest, not that much. What’s the difference between love and that other one? Quality! 

Want to build an application that will be loved? Of course you do, but we all know some things are easier said than done.

Are you affected by the war on talent?

Would you be interested in an extra pair of hands allowing you to automate your tests and consistently reach deadlines?

Did you just realize that the quality of your application can improve, but you don’t know where to start? Are you still doing way too much manual testing and do you lack expertise in the field of QA?

No matter what speedbumps you have hit in the past, we will help you make your IT better.

Users have high standards towards software quality, it defines whether they love or kind of hate the application. offers an approach to make sure your application will be loved. We are front-line warriors in Software QA. We safeguard the quality of the solutions delivered by your development team. As if we were real warriors, we fight to ensure top-notch applications.

As committed, creative thinkers, we are curious and often explore the secret backdoors of the unfamiliar and challenge the norms. We might come across as a bit compulsively obsessed and sometimes even a bit uncompromising, but that is because we really, really, really care!


To gain maximum ROI from any solution in Software QA, it’s crucial to examine your actual needs and discover the low hanging fruits.

The Software QA Screening is a highly efficient assessment performed by our specialists to analyze your current Software QA approach objectively.

It improves your organization, team-working, time to market while reducing costs. Together we will define a step by step prioritized action plan to implement future proof Software.

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Experts in Software QA


As committed, creative thinkers, we are curious and often explore the secret backdoors of unfamiliarity and challenge the status quo. We might come across as obsessed with our projects and a little bit uncompromising, but that’s because we really, really, really care!

In the last 15 years our team only kept growing, right up to the point where we assembled more than 150 years of combined experience. Today we can say that for every case, we have got the perfect expert for you.

The next-gen tester


Are you looking for that next-gen tester to support your development team? We’ve got them!

Software QA Training


Do you want the know-how to build an application that will be loved? We’re here to help!