Test Automation Fundamentals

Quality makes or breaks the success of your organization. Software quality of your website or web application will determine whether someone becomes a customer or employee and stays a customer or employee.

Recent studies show that several organizations haven’t made the shift to automation testing while it can be pivotal to ensure faster release cycles without compromising the quality of the product.  

Automation testing might sound like a buzzword to you, that is because it is slowly dominating the testing world. Although the importance of human instinct cannot be denied and can not be replaced by a machine or software (at least not yet). In this educative/informative blog series, we will dive into several fundamental topics to inform/educate and inspire you to make the best choices for your organization.  

We will tackle fundamental questions such as: 

Do we need Automation testing, isn’t manual testing enough? What is test automation? How should we choose a framework/tool? Which skills do we need for Automation? How to get started with Automation? How to define the scope of automation? What are the challenges of test automation? 

Manual Testing vs. Automation Testing

Recent years have shown an exponential demand for test automation. In software testing and QA this topic has become a hot debate. We take a closer look at the differences, pros and cons. 

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