Why should you get certified as a Software QA Engineer?

Holding a certificate is essential for beginners and experienced Software Quality Assurance Engineers.

Certification in testing is the formal attestation or confirmation of a person’s specific testing skills and knowledge. This confirmation is mostly provided by passing an exam, which is often online and multiple-choice today, certainly for foundation level certifications.

By far, the essential certifying body in testing is the International Software Testing Qualifications Board or ISTQB in short. They guarantee the quality of the certification and its worldwide recognition.

Get international recognition of your testing competencies and skills.

The certificate serves as ‘proof of ability’ towards companies. It shows that you are up to date on standard testing definitions and current technology. It enriches your self-image and reputation amongst peers and superiors. To confirm your achievement, you are authorized to use the “ISTQB Certified tester” logo and to share a verifiable electronic certificate on your profiles.

Extend your knowledge and skills and be recognized as a specialist. 

On the one hand, you gain practical skills to use in your day-to-day job. On the other hand, the specialization will open new career opportunities as most companies seek professionals who bring expert knowledge to the table.

Bridge educational and theoretical gaps in two directions

  • A beginning QA Engineer needs theoretical courses in order to get more applied during certification due to practical examples and labs. As a graduate you are not always in sync with what the labour market needs and certification can help in bridging the gap and facilitating the alignment with the market.
  • As an experienced QA professional, the practical knowledge gained when working for a while in QA is framed in a standard theoretical framework, allowing you to understand better the testing steps and decisions in your day-to-day activities.

Enhances your professional credibility and exhibit commitment

 As a junior QA Engineer, it jumpstarts your career. Certification provides ‘a stamp of approval’ from an objective organization. It validates your knowledge and skills in particular areas and provides you with an edge over others. You will stand out of the crowd!

When you are a more experienced QA professional, certification shows you are fully committed to the profession and your career besides validating that you possess the latest information, and know-how of the tools when doing your job.

Improve your career development

As said, certification will give you higher chances on selection for exciting testing opportunities within as well as outside your current job. Although no direct evidence has been found that relates a salary hike to a certification, it surely helps in career development. 

According to the effectiveness survey done by ISTQB, test managers would like to have approximately 75% of their testing staff certified at the ISTQB Foundation Level.

Finally, ignite life-long learning and professional development.

Learning is a lifelong process. Certification not only help you refresh your basic knowledge but l also keeps you up with new methods and techniques coming in.

To ensure you get state of the art content; certifications are regularly reviewed and brought in line with the latest developments in the testing domain.

Soooo… are there any downsides of getting your certification? 

With all these valid reasons for getting certified, you may wonder if there are also disadvantages to it. Probably the most important downside is that you have to pass an exam and hence you have to put effort into study.

Feel stressed about certification? 

Reduce your stress level by taking training with an accredited training provider who will bring you the confidence to take the exam.Certification courses do not take long,i n a couple of days you get optimally prepared with hands-on training in real-life scenarios.

To overcome your fear, you should keep in mind that more than 700.000 professionals residing in more than 120 different countries have already successfully passed an exam and are ISTQB certified. And at ttl.be we have a passing rate of 90% with an average exam score of 85%. 

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